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Professional Writing and Editing Services

Make a good first impression.

Here’s the thing: The written copy on your website, brochure, advertisement, press release, whatever, is often the first impression your company makes on a potential customer. That means you want to make sure your written copy looks as professional as possible. It should be clearly written, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and professional looking.

An analogy, if I may…

There’s this client… He’s either going to give you thousands of dollars, or he’s going to give your competitor thousands of dollars. Say you’re going to meet him for the first time.

You probably want to look your best. You wear your shiny shoes; you iron your button-up shirt. You’re going to make sure your hair doesn’t make you look like you’ve just stuck your finger into an electrical socket.

But why would you go through all that trouble? You’ve got a good product; you’ve got what it takes. Well, to someone who doesn’t know you, you want to look like you’ve got it all together, that you’re the whole package. I mean, if you can’t handle getting dressed in the morning, how are you supposed to conduct business?

…because poorly written copy is like a suit with a giant hole in it…

Think of Copyedit.Me as your company’s word tailor.

Whether you need your copy written for you, edited, or rewritten, Copyedit.Me dresses up your ideas and makes you look smart and sharp.

Present your business with confidence. Present yourself with clarity. Present yourself with Copyedit.Me.