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What is your satisfaction guarantee?

We guarantee satisfaction with our copyediting work and will address concerns regarding mistakes or oversights in our editing. However, we’re not responsible for any of the actual content of your writing (ideas, theses, development, support, grades, or reactions from professors, publishers, or other parties). We edit your work, but our services do not cover rewriting or reformulation of ideas.

What if I’d like my editor to edit only a specific aspect of my writing more heavily than the rest?

Not a problem! Just say so when mapping out your project’s details in an email.

Step-by-step, how do I go about getting my draft edited through your website?

Alright! Here are your step-by-step instructions to getting your draft edited:

  1. Plug your project’s total word count into our Quote Calculator to figure out how much it will cost to edit your draft. (Note: Our quote calculator does not factor in the fees for any additional services you’d like us to perform, such as expediting the editing process.)
  2. Use our Project Submission form or shoot us an email including an attachment of your draft, your contact information, and all the information you think we’d need to edit your project—which type of project it is, its word count, any necessary deadlines you need us to follow, etc.
  3. In less than forty-eight hours, one of our editors will email you a response and let you know whether we will be available to work on your project. If we are able to work on your project, our response will also outline exactly how much your project will cost, a date by which you can expect to have your draft edited and returned, and any additional questions we may have concerning your project.
  4. We’ll send you an invoice and a link to pay your project rate or deposit online securely via credit card, using PayPal.
  5. Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you a payment confirmation and get to work editing your draft!
  6. Your edited draft will be returned to you after the amount of time designated at the project’s outset, using the same formatting in which it was submitted. [Depending on the length of your manuscript, you may wish that the edited draft be returned to you in installments. If this is the case, let your editor know when you’re outlining the details of your draft.]
  7. You will then have the opportunity to review your editor’s comments and correspond with him or her for a two-week period, addressing any questions you might have.

Which document formats are you able to read?

We’re able to edit in the following document formats: .rtf, .doc, .docx, or .pages.

Which types of details about my project should I include in that first email to you?

In the first email you write to us, you’ll be giving us all the details necessary for editing your project. You should typically include the following: your name, your email, the type of project it is, any deadlines you need to meet, any specific areas you’d like us to concentrate on when editing, and any additional guidelines you’d like us to follow.

How long does it generally take to edit a project? Is there any way to expedite the process for a deadline I have?

It depends on the project. Some projects, depending on length and your specific editing needs, take longer to edit than others. For example, a twenty-page report could take anywhere from two days to a week to edit, depending on your individual needs. If you need to expedite the editing process, just let us know exactly what your time restrictions are and we’ll let you know up front whether or not we’d be able to work within them without jeopardizing the quality of our work.

How long does it take to receive a response from an editor as to whether my project will be accepted or not?

Our editors respond promptly to your inquiries. You should hear back from an editor within two working days.

If I’ve worked previously on a project with one of your editors, is it possible to ensure that I work with that same editor on another project?

We understand how important the relationship you develop with your editor is. If you’d like to work with a specific editor, just request him or her by name when you’re making your initial project inquiry; if that editor is available, he or she will be assigned to your project.

What if I’m not completely satisfied when the edited copy of my draft is returned?

Our editors are dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’re not completely happy with the edited copy of your work, just let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure your needs are met.

What if I have kind of an odd project that I’d like edited, one that’s not mentioned on your website?

At Copyedit.Me, we love unique projects! If there’s something you need edited, we’d love to edit it. If, for any reason, your project is one that we’re not capable of handling, we’ll let you know up front, without wasting your time.

Is it possible to have my drafts continually edited by my editor as I revise them?

No problem. And, we’ll even give you a 10% discount on each draft that you submit to us after the first one, since we’ll likely be making less and less corrections as you revise.

I’m a student and I’d like to learn from my mistakes. Is there a way I can have my editor include brief explanations beside his or her corrections?

Definitely! We only charge 10% more for these brief explanatory notes. Just let us know how you’d like your draft edited, and we’ll be happy to oblige!

Do you have samples of your editing that I could look at?

We sure do. Just click here to take a look at any of our editing samples.

I’m not all that tech-savvy. Is it possible to submit a hard copy of my project to you and have it edited by hand?

Absolutely! We offer you the option of having your draft edited either digitally or by hand for the same price.

In your first email, outlining the details of your project, just include your mailing address and let us know you’d like your draft edited by hand. Then, once we’ve confirmed that we’ll be able to edit your project, stick your manuscript in an envelope and send it off to the following address:

P.O. Box 17482
Boulder, CO 80308

We’ll email you when we receive it so that you know it’s safely reached its destination and that we’re getting to work on it!

I have another question!

Go ahead and email us or contact us here! We’ll get back to you within two work days.