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Maybe you already know what you want to say. You’re a good salesperson. You’ve got a way with words. You’ve written something that even has your mother-in-law impressed.

Way to go!

You’re three quarters of the way there. Now all you have left do is polish that copy. After all, you’re not a grammarian. Maybe you’re a good writer, just not a professional one.

Don’t worry about it. Leave it to Copyedit.Me. We’re professional editors for a good reason, you know…

It’s our job to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

Just pass whatever you’ve written onto us, and we’ll let you know if there’s a word used improperly, an apostrophe in the wrong place, a grammatical issue, a spelling error, etc.

Copyedit.Me will have the text for your brochure, ad, catalog, press release, website content, etc. all cleaned up so that your customers are left with an impression of professionalism.

We’ve edited everything from books to email newsletters. If you have copy you need edited, shoot us an email and tell us about it: info@copyedit.me. We can fix up your writing for a price that won’t even come close to breaking the bank.