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Terms of Use

The Copyedit.Me website (www.copyedit.me) and business name Copyedit.Me are owned and operated by Copyedit.Me.

The names of the corporation and website and all material on the site are protected by international copyright and trademark law.

The names and content on the website cannot be used, copied, reproduced, republished, transmitted, printed, or modified without Copyedit.Me’s express permission.

Copyedit.Me editors abide by the systematic process described on the Services and FAQs pages to receive, edit, and return all client works.

The client’s work is 100% guaranteed to be kept confidential, protected as his or her intellectual copyright, and under all times and matters of circumstance, is understood to be held exclusively as under his or her sole copyright and as his or her property.

The content of any work submitted to Copyedit.Me should never be considered to have its endorsement, recommendation, or support, unless otherwise stated.

The act of plagiarism and breach of copyright laws are expressly condemned by Copyedit.Me. Copyedit.Me assumes all submitted content to be absolutely original to the client who has submitted the material and takes no responsibility or liability for identifying or reporting plagiarized material or breaches of copyright laws.

We guarantee satisfaction with our copyediting work and will address concerns regarding mistakes or oversights in our editing. However, we are not responsible for any of the actual content or repercussions of your writing (ideas, theses, development, support, grades, or reactions from professors, publishers, or other parties). We edit your work, but our services do not cover rewriting or reformulation of ideas.